We know that there’s only one way to act in life, and that whatever tickles our fancy is our religion. That’s why ANTOJO could only ever come from Málaga, a city of contrasts that offers the world a heady mix of past and future, tradition and avant-garde, and where every day has many nights.

Soho is innovation, tradition, culture, fun, and style. Málaga’s most creative neighbourhood, and the current heart of the city’s arts scene, is the truly privileged location of ANTOJO. We have a firm promise: if you come in, you’ll always want to come back. Because just like for us, for you there’s only one way to do things: however it tickles your fancy.

550 square metres make ANTOJO a multifunctional and truly versatile space for shows and performances of various kinds, complemented by delicious food and drink.

ANTOJO is a project led by six partners who have created a space to be enjoyed. A place designed to play host to events, arts, culture, and lots of fun. The team is made up of dreamers, eager to make this a must-visit space in the city where locals and tourists rub shoulders.