Flamenco Show. Tierra Mía

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Antojo Málaga: C/San Lorenzo, 25

Tel: +34 682 72 05 40

«Tierra Mía» flamenco show and local product tasting

Come to Antojo Málaga now to enjoy our flamenco show “Tierra Mía” and complete the experience in style with our extensive menu of typical local products.


If you are visiting the city of Malaga, you have to make a stop to enjoy one of the most popular traditions in Malaga and Andalusia, a good flamenco show.
At Antojo Málaga you will be able to feel on your own skin the feeling that our dancers transmit as well as the joy and art that our flamenco tablao gives off. Have a great time in our room with good flamenco music, joy, fun and some local snacks.


Our flamenco show «Tierra Mía» takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00 p.m. and you can have your ticket online on our website or physically at our box office from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Our flamenco tablao is located in one of the best-known areas of Malaga, in Soho, a few steps from you.

In Antojo Málaga, in addition to enjoying an incredible flamenco show, you will also be able to taste typical dishes of the land.

Our Andalusian tapas bar invites you to enjoy the best products from our land in Malaga such as cooked prawns, oysters, cod fritters, fried artichokes with ham, Russian salad… and a wine list designed to stimulate all five senses to the maximum.


One of the best plans when looking for «what to see in Malaga» is without enjoying a flamenco show.

You will be able to appreciate the flamenco joy in the interaction between the artists and the public, in the passion and virtuosity of the dancers, in the moments of improvisation and in the festive atmosphere that is created. The combination of music, dance and singing full of vitality and emotion evokes a feeling of contagious joy that envelops all present.

Flamenco joy is not only an emotional state, but also an attitude and a lifestyle associated with flamenco. It is a form of expression that allows to release emotions and celebrate life through art and music. Flamenco joy is one of the most characteristic and appreciated emotions of flamenco, and contributes to the magic and beauty of this form of cultural expression.

Therefore, if you are looking for what to see in Malaga, you have to come to our flamenco tablao and enjoy an authentic show with art and passion. Coming to the Antojo Málaga room is the best option in terms of what to see in Málaga since we show you something intimate and traditional from our land.

If you don’t know what to see in Malaga, look no further and come to Antojo Málaga, the leading flamenco venue in the city.


In addition to enjoying an authentic flamenco show, you will also be able to enjoy authentic local tapas and an extensive wine list while you dance.

Without a doubt, if you are looking for «what to do in Malaga», Antojo Málaga is ideal for you. You will be able to enjoy an authentic flamenco show while you taste typical local dishes and wines and dance in our flamenco tablao.

Also, if after our flamenco show you find yourself again in the position of what to do in Malaga, you have to know that we also have free concert sessions, the most fun and unforgettable option when you don’t have an established plan.

Enjoy our different spaces like never before: flamenco tablao, tavern and concert hall, and you will see that the question, what to do in Malaga, will not arise again?